Today, Andrew Ng, one of the pioneers of AI technology has revealed his new startup that will make intelligence undergo manufacturing. is a company that helps the manufacturing sectors to get transformed into AI companies. Ng particularly picked the manufacturing sectors to get help from the machine learning techniques as well. He believes AI has the potential to radically transform the industry.

Andrew Ng was involved in the Google Brain project from the very beginning. He has also served as the Head of Baidu’s AI efforts. looks forward to creating and provide software for the manufacturing companies. They will also be offering educational materials to help employees and executives there. So that they can get accustomed to the new tools. has already come up with a visual inspection system. It uses the images from a camera to identify defects in products. Ng claims that the company’s software is capable of solving the problem with greater accuracy and efficiency than the human technicians.

Ng has told a group of reporters during a closed-door briefing earlier this week that is designed with the sole purpose of helping companies to bring research into production.

Working with the startup is going to allow the enterprises access technical experts already in the field. They don’t have to pay for an entire team of data scientists. Qualified AI professionals can always ask for a high price for their skills. Companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Baidu, and Amazon are ready to pay a lot for them.

Ng called his approach to be more “leveraged” than a traditional consulting firm since’s work requires closer collaboration instead of the typical software vendor. For instance, instead of employing people to install cameras along inspection lines for the company’s inspection software, teaches its clients to do the installation and then focuses on other works. The company is taking a similar approach to clean data for processing with AI systems.

Ng is not yet ready to disclose’s fundraising activities. Right now he is busy arranging a handful of early clients with a focus on companies from the U.S., Japan, and China. Foxconn, a Chinese manufacturing giant that builds iPhones & many other products is one of his key early customers.The company has no shortage of offers from investors.

Ng has admitted that he is looking forward to expanding into other sectors like logistics in the future. He is also interested in providing more public education resources in order to help a broader population to adopt the advanced tools.

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