Samsung to provide fix for Gear S3 battery drainage issue, acknowledges officially

Dec 14, 2017, 10:00 am

Aniruddha P.

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Samsung has officially acknowledged the recent battery drainage issue of Gear S3. A few hours ago, a Samsung moderator posted a comment in the brand’s official forum stating that it is working on the fix.

Well, the post does clearly state that the fix is coming in the form of an update, although a release time is yet unknown. The comment is on a thread that includes numerous complaints of the issue which started a week ago.

The complaints also include that updating and resetting the Gear S3 came off useless. Additionally, there have been other threads in the forum commonly stating a popup error message, “Unfortunately, Gear S Plugin has stopped,” right after updating the smartwatch.

Many reported that the phone freezes every time the popup appears and that the connection between phone and wearable starts fluctuating. Those affected believe collectively that this drains out the batteries of both the devices.

Samsung fans should be happy about the acknowledgment and a coming fix. Keep following us as we bring more updates on the development of the matter.

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