Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 19,804,420
    Confirmed: 19,804,420
    Active: 6,353,643
    Recovered: 12,721,186
    Death: 729,591
  • USA 5,149,723
    Confirmed: 5,149,723
    Active: 2,346,183
    Recovered: 2,638,470
    Death: 165,070
  • Brazil 3,013,369
    Confirmed: 3,013,369
    Active: 818,533
    Recovered: 2,094,293
    Death: 100,543
  • India 2,152,020
    Confirmed: 2,152,020
    Active: 628,763
    Recovered: 1,479,804
    Death: 43,453
  • Russia 882,347
    Confirmed: 882,347
    Active: 177,286
    Recovered: 690,207
    Death: 14,854
  • South Africa 553,188
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 553,188
    Active: 138,410
    Recovered: 404,568
    Death: 10,210
  • Mexico 475,902
    Confirmed: 475,902
    Active: 105,258
    Recovered: 318,638
    Death: 52,006
  • Peru 471,012
    Confirmed: 471,012
    Active: 130,997
    Recovered: 319,171
    Death: 20,844
  • Chile 371,023
    Confirmed: 371,023
    Active: 16,879
    Recovered: 344,133
    Death: 10,011
  • Spain 361,442
    Confirmed: 361,442
    Active: 332,939
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,503
  • Iran 324,692
    Confirmed: 324,692
    Active: 24,306
    Recovered: 282,122
    Death: 18,264
  • UK 309,763
    Confirmed: 309,763
    Active: 263,197
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 46,566
  • Saudi Arabia 287,262
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 287,262
    Active: 33,692
    Recovered: 250,440
    Death: 3,130
  • Pakistan 283,487
    Confirmed: 283,487
    Active: 17,815
    Recovered: 259,604
    Death: 6,068
  • Bangladesh 255,113
    Confirmed: 255,113
    Active: 105,144
    Recovered: 146,604
    Death: 3,365
  • Italy 250,103
    Confirmed: 250,103
    Active: 12,953
    Recovered: 201,947
    Death: 35,203
  • Turkey 239,622
    Confirmed: 239,622
    Active: 11,137
    Recovered: 222,656
    Death: 5,829
  • Germany 216,896
    Confirmed: 216,896
    Active: 10,235
    Recovered: 197,400
    Death: 9,261
  • France 197,921
    Confirmed: 197,921
    Active: 84,761
    Recovered: 82,836
    Death: 30,324
  • Canada 119,221
    Confirmed: 119,221
    Active: 6,679
    Recovered: 103,566
    Death: 8,976
  • China 84,619
    Confirmed: 84,619
    Active: 817
    Recovered: 79,168
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 57,987
    Confirmed: 57,987
    Active: 51,830
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,157
  • Australia 21,084
    Confirmed: 21,084
    Active: 9,228
    Recovered: 11,561
    Death: 295
  • S. Korea 14,598
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 14,598
    Active: 651
    Recovered: 13,642
    Death: 305
  • New Zealand 1,569
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,569
    Active: 23
    Recovered: 1,524
    Death: 22

How small business can use Google Maps as an important marketing strategy?

Author at TechGenyz Google
Google Maps Marketing

Google Maps marketing is an effective way to showcase your business to local customers or employees when they are searching for it. You can greatly benefit by promoting your business to the customers for free when your objective of establishing an online presence is generating business from the local customers predominantly.

Google Map marketing is a process of showing your business to the customers on Google Maps with a balloon icon that displays the information related to your business name, location, and contact information. However, it is not necessary to have a physical location to get listed on Google Maps. As long as you can serve the local customer by offering product or service, your business can be listed on Google Maps.

The trick of gaining a customer base through Google Maps marketing lies in getting higher rankings in the search engines. Your business will be listed in the search results of the Google Maps when it has ranked as one among the top five rankings. Further exploring can be possible only when the customer clicks on more items.  It is a general tendency for the customer to go through a handful of top links while searching for a product or service in the locality. You should always make an effort to be one among those top listings to capture the attention of the new customer. There are certain things your business can do to get higher rankings in the Google Map search results.

Detailed profile description

You need to create a business page to get listed on Google Maps. To increase your rankings in the search results, you have to give a detailed description of your business to the customer who is trying to find you. As a part of this description, you should keep accurate information about your business location along with the postal code; this helps Google Maps to show the exact location of your business operations before taking a call of action. Mention all the accurate details about the category of the business, working hours and the contact information. Make sure the approved address you mention in the Google Maps does not deviate from the business location you serve.

Get your business location verified by Google

Google gives prior importance to the businesses that are verified by them over the other business that are listed on Google Maps. You should get your business verified by Google to get higher rankings on the Google Map listing. Google either sends a postal card to your location or verifies your business through a phone call or e-mail. Only certain business is eligible for these privileges so, check if your business is one among them.

Manage and Respond to Reviews

Reviews become the key factor for the website to increase its search engine rankings. Far ahead establishing a line of trust for the customers, these reviews work in an effective way in increasing your search engine rankings by providing quality backlinks. If in case you get a few negative responses from the clients, it is always advisable to respond to them addressing the concerns.

Build quality backlinks through local citations

The prominence of your website in the search engines can be built through quality backlinks that come from the local citation. These backlinks can help in a great way in increasing your Google Map marketing efforts.

This does not mean to ignore other ethical SEO strategies the ranks up search engine page results. As Google gives higher importance to the top listed companies in the organic search results while listing ranking the sites through Google Maps, ethical SEO practices should not be ignored.