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Google Flights,Google Hotels and Trips updated with price tracking and deals feature

Dec 14, 2017, 9:30 pm

Traveling is not cheap. Flying in a plane or sleeping in a hotel is not cheap. But Google wants it to be and for that, it has added new tools to Google Flights, Google Trips and the search engine for hotels with this same purpose. Just in time for Christmas, by the way.

Traveling at Christmas is not cheap either. On the other hand, it is one of the key moments of the high season in the tourism sector, so planning last minute trips can be complicated. Luckily, there is something on the internet, there are hundreds of price comparators and destinations in the form of websites and applications. Booking, TripAdvisor, Kayak, Ixigo, etc are apps that allow you to get discounts, travel cheaper, plan cheaper routes.

In order to have a competitive presence, the giant of the network has apps like Google Trips, a very useful travel planner;Flights, a search engine for flights and schedules; and a function to find hotels and accommodations within your main search engine. All of them have been updated with new tools such as the price trackers that we see in Booking, Kayak, and others, as we will see below:

Google Flights

Since last October, the Google flight search engine is able to tell us when it is expected that the price of a ticket that interests us will go up. With the new tools, Google Flights can also tell us when the prices of the flights have dropped more than usual and the difference with the usual price. Even if for a flight and/or a specific date the price of the tickets will continue to decrease or on the contrary it will remain unchanged.

We are not talking about an exact prediction since Google Flights will use computer learning and a statistical analysis of data for it but we can use it to guide us and decide whether to reserve or wait a bit. These new features are now available for both desktop and mobile versions of Google.

Google Hotels

If we are going to travel, we will need a hotel. Now, when searching for accommodation through Google, the search engine will inform us if the price of a particular hotel room is higher than usual, in addition to informing you if there will be an important event that may cause a price increase. The good thing is that if a hotel is too expensive for the moment, we can activate an alert so that Google will notify the mobile phone with an email as soon as the price of the rooms starts to go down.

Google Trips

The smartphone app is also updated and apart from being able to organize the itineraries and reservations of a destination, it also gives us a hand to find offers and discounts in the city or destination where we are. the new function will give us access to discounted tickets, destinations and excursions in that city if we make the reservation through the Trips app.

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