7 top security tips to consider when using a Microsoft account

Top Security Tips

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All the Microsoft versions since Microsoft 8 want you to create and use the Microsoft account for authentication purposes. If earlier it was enough to create a local password on your computer with the password “qwerty1234”, now you need to protect your account because it is in the online world now.

Use the two-step verification

Well, you may find this annoying if log in frequently. But this feature can save all the important data from hacking. Two Step VerificationIf the hacker has no access to your cell phone, your account will be saved from the attack as soon as you get a notification. Also, there are some applications that do not support a two-step verification and in this case, you need to set up a password for every application allowing this action and containing the important data. Applications like Akruto support the two-step verification as well.

Install the latest updates

Latest Updates

The updates offered by Microsoft Corporation for free were created to protect your PC from every case of hacking attacks and viruses you can find on the Web. The process of installing the updates can take a long time, that’s why our advice is to set your computer on the update process during the night or the time you are not going to use it for every urgent case. Luckily, if you have an Android or an iPhone, you can sync Outlook with Android and have access to all the data. Just remember that you need all these updates for making your computer more safe and protected.

Provide your account with some recovery info

In order to have access to your account even if it was hacked or you forgot Recovery Infothe password, you might set some recovery information that might help if you totally forgot all the entrance data. This option is available during the registration process. If you forgot the password, the possibility to restore it will be only if you have an email address or a telephone attached for these purposes. You can regain an access because the message from Microsoft will be sent immediately once you’ll require it.


Don’t ever reply to the messages asking for your password

The Microsoft Corporation will never ask you for any data regarding your secure information. If you received an email with the form asking you for the credentials, you might be sure this is a fishing website or a person who is sending this. Never reply to these emails because once you enter the credentials, you will be transferred to the page showing there is an error and you will never see your account again. And if you set the same credentials an on another website or accounts, you will be hacked everywhere. That’s why you need to follow another simple rule.

Use different passwords

As we just told, if you are using the same password for every service, your accounts are under New Passwordthe threat once only one of them is hacked. That’s why you need to create the unique password for every service you are using. Better keep the passwords in the table on your computer and have a backup copy somewhere on the USB. Keeping all your backup copies seems convenient until there is a danger to be hacked.

Set up the security notifications

The security notifications will be emailed to your primary email address. In order to get the alerts immediately, you might set up the notifications to be sent to your mobile phone. You can set the appropriate mobile number in the security settings. In the same menu, but in the different section, you might monitor recent activity that was made on your account. You will see the list of devices your account was opened on, as well as the time of the sessions. The time frames of the sessions are set according to the timezone you set on your account. So, if you are an often traveler, we ask you to change the time frame accordingly. If there are some attempts to log in from another country or incorrect password attempts from elsewhere, you are in trouble. We recommend changing the password immediately and backup all the important information to have an access offline.

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Bonus section: How to understand that the email is phishing

Phishing emails or phone calls were created to steal your money and the data. Cybercriminals often use social engineering in order to get your credentials. Usually, an email contains the link to the form for your credentials, threats of blocking the account and the name of some giant corporation like Amazon, Instagram or Facebook. If you received such email, delete it immediately, do not reply and block the sender.

7 top security tips to consider when using a Microsoft account