Today, Google rolled out a Chrome app for the Windows Store which directed users to a download link for installing the browser. This download link has cited violations of Microsoft Store policies.

For all browser apps to be installed from Microsoft Store, it is required to use the Edge rendering engine. Microsoft is thusly ‘not happy’ with the Chrome app in its Store, and thusly has removed the same. It is inviting Google for building a Microsoft Store browser app that is compliant with the policies.

An excerpt of a tweet by Tom Warren of The Verge reads, “Google can’t just package it’s existing Win32 Chrome app into a Centennial app.” he repeated twice via Twitter regarding the requirement of the Edge rendering machine.

The chief reason for Google to not bring Chrome to the Windows Store is regarding its restrictions. The Chrome browser already has its Blink rendering machine, and there’s no point for them to use another for Windows Store. Microsoft’s invitation means that Google will have to create a new app on Chrome so that it adheres to the Windows Store policies.

Now, most of the Windows 10 machines do not run the Windows 10 S which again makes it pointless for Google to create a special browser version only to be listed by the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Removes ChromeIn the context, it is notable that Google created the Chrome app for countering the fake Chrome apps in Windows Store. This is an issue that’s troubling Microsoft for years now.

In accordance with the scenarios, it is clear that “Windows 10 users will have to continue using Microsoft Edge to access the download site for Chrome if they want to access Google’s browser.”

The struggling between Google and Microsoft over platforms or browsers isn’t new. Both fought for a YouTube app for Windows phones with Microsoft targeting Google’s Scroogled commercials and even criticising Chrome’s usage of batteries.

In response to whether the battle will continue, Google did not wish to comment on the latest removal.