Baidu and Huawei partners to grab AI ​​smart device market

Baidu Huawei Partnership

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Baidu and Huawei have jointly created an open AI mobile ecosystem for developing a new generation of smartphones. Baidu’s AI service Brain and Huawei’s AI platform HiAI, along with hardware and software technologies of both the companies have been infused together for creating the ecosystem.

The creation was jointly announced by the Chinese players on last Thursday. Alongside smartphones, other hardware devices, apps, and network services will also be covered by the establishment of the ecosystem.


For developing AI applications, the cooperation will further use Baidu’s PaddlePaddle (a parallel decentralized deep learning platform), and Huawei’s Neural Network Processing Unit or NPU. Huawei’s official website further states that the companies will together develop voice and image recognition for devices with the aim to enhance human-computer interactions.

Additionally, the Baidu Huawei partnership will strongly focus on developmental implementations on news service, while incorporating their network and content services.

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Via: iThome

Baidu and Huawei partners to grab AI ​​smart device market