Yesterday, Google revealed the creators and developers of its Jump Start program that is the platform of the company for professional VR videography. Combining automated stitching with high-quality video cameras makes VR video production simple while providing exclusive content.

The program is for people coming from all backgrounds, being able to access the Jump cameras. Google came across a diversity of creators coming from around the world to take up the cameras and bring numerous kinds of projects to life. The likes of Lions in Los Angeles, ancient Roman Forum tour, a sci-fi movie set on a futuristic Lunar Base, and more that are already published can be watched on YouTube.

Google’s Jump Start program has the following participants for its third round: Aidan Brezonick (Director), Justin Benzel (Author), and 3 producers of Laïdak Films – Ivanna Kozak, Antoine Liétout, and Ivan Zuber. The locations they will be operating in are Los Angeles, Chicago, Berlin, and Paris.

Google further listed other participants working in different locations of the world. Starting from filmmakers to sociologists working on different themes, the list and their projects are worth scrolling through. These themes are as unique from each other as you can believe.