According to The Information, Google has hired John Bruno, the Apple chip designer who helped Apple be ahead of rivals. He is known to have founded and led the silicon analysis group of Apple, significantly contributing to the developments of processors of iPhones and iPads.

Bruno being hired by Google is a part of the company’s ongoing process of creating custom processors. It is not confirmed this far on what exactly he will be doing for the search giant, and his LinkedIn profile still only shows that he is a System Architect.

The ingress of talents for processor creation at Google further includes veterans from Qualcomm. These may lead to the tech company’s expansion on custom processors. Presently, the only in-house silicon is its Pixel Visual Core imaging chip in Pixel 2.

Google may go for a fully dedicated CPU for its next phones or other specialized chips like AI accelerators and display controllers. Whichever space the company will want to cover, Bruno’s experience in graphics and Fusion processors are going to be effective.