From complete diagnostic and monitoring to remote starting, automotive developers are already leveraging smartphones for control over their vehicles. Before, owning a car meant, having a map in the glove box and a toolbox for tinkering under the hood. Now, you have the best roadside companion right there in your pocket. There are numerous of apps out there, all created to improve your driving experience. To find the ones that are really worth it may be time-consuming and boring, which is why we’re here to help. We present you with the best apps for car owners you can find on the market today.


After installing the FIXD Sensor ($59) (which is worth the investment, trust us), you can use the FIXD app to find out why the check engine lights pop up at the worst times. Whenever these lights come on, just look in the app for the cause of the issue, as well as its severity. FIXD can also provide information about maintenance needs based on your car’s make and model. It’s not a cheap as most car apps, but it’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind you get by knowing when a disaster is coming.

2. Waze

Instead of turning to the default navigation app that comes with your smartphone, consider using Waze. This app is far more superior to other navigation apps on the market, because it relies on its users for information, and with a lot of users online – you get instant, real-time assistance. This means that you can find the fastest route, avoid traffic jams or be running into recently closed roads, slow down when the radar or police are ahead, and be more cautious when a hole has been spotted. Also, Waze can tell you if any of your friends are on the road and where to get the cheapest gas. If you’re not using Waze, you should be.

3. Beat the Traffic

If you’re a commuter, then you can almost do your drive in your sleep. You know the roads so well that you don’t need guidance on how to drive there, but what you do need is to know when a traffic incident or jam is in your way. Beat the Traffic is an app that provides real-time updates on the traffic (crowdsourced by other users), before informing you of the quickest way to avoid the issue. Also, if you spot an incident that hasn’t been reported, you only need to shake your device in order to give others the heads up. Beat the Traffic will help you know how late you’re going to be, and it’s free.

4. Smart Dash Cam

Having a dashcam in your car is important in case any road issues arise. With a video of the incident, it would be much easier to prove who’s responsible for it, but also protect yourself from false accusations. Moreover, such footage will help you keep your insurance premiums down with companies such as NZ Youi. If you find regular dashboard cameras too pricey for your budget, you should consider installing Smart Dash Cam. It’s an app for Android and iPhone that transforms your phone into a dashboard camera. It allows you to choose the video resolution based on your phone’s storage, upload videos to YouTube, or record with or without audio. You just have to keep track of your storage so not to lose a video you need. If that’s no problem, then this app will definitely replace a pricey dashcam, bringing you a peace of mind while on the road.

5. iCarMode

This iPhone app offers a big buttoned display, which simplifies certain actions, such as making calls, activating a music player, and checking for places nearby. Custom app shortcuts support TuneIn Radio, Audible, Spotify and other apps, removing the need to look at all those small buttons whenever you wish to make an adjustment. The app costs $1.99 and it’s a perfect substitute for dashboard systems that newer car models offer as a built-in feature.

6. iOnRoad

More recent cars offer built-in collision warning systems that detect when a vehicle in front has stepped on the brakes before you’ve even had a chance to see it yourself. The iOnRoad app isn’t the ideal substitute for this (due to the need to keep an eye on your phone), but it can really help. It uses GPS and your phone’s camera to detect how long it would take you to collide with the car in front of you. If you’re getting too close, a color coding chart gives an indication, ensuring you don’t accidentally tailgate. The iOnRoad app also includes speed sign detection and costs $0.99.

Whether you want to find the best and quickest route, find the cheapest gas in the area, or stay safe by video-recording your drive – you can accomplish it all with your phone. Everything is easy with the right app, so if you’re looking for ways to utilize your smartphone, fond of traveling, and can’t resist the urge to use your phone while driving, these apps can help you get the best driving experience and keep yourself safe.