Chrome OS 64 will have Android Parallel Tasks feature

Chrome OS 64

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A new feature called Android Parallel Tasks is coming for the Chromebooks in the Chrome OS 64 update. It will keep all the apps running in your Chromebook even when you are not using any of those, but have kept open. This will further allow you to choose your time to use respective apps, bettering the interface.

The Android apps running in the background are paused in mobiles for battery saving. As for Chromebooks, the pausing part is not necessary due to the higher level of visibility. A quick 3-finger swipe up or down (according to your preferred trackpad settings) will show you all the running apps together on one screen.

Parallel Tasks on Android will let the OS keep all the apps running and it is much easier in the Chromebooks. This also means that only clicking the ‘X’ of the respective app will close it even though it is running in the background.


Chrome came up with a short video with the feature in action for the users to avoid complicacy and understand its necessity.

Now, the Pixelbook running Chrome OS 63 stable still has the paused-state rule for the background apps. Chrome did check the Parallel Tasks on Acer Chromebook 15 via beta and ‘the difference is significant.’ The report further reads: “Multiple apps run side by side at the same time with no concern for one another. No pauses. No lost data. No bizarre UI.”

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The feature is therefore available in Chrome 64 beta and there is no info yet on the release date of the stable version. In fact, according to Chrome, the feature may ultimately not be 100% during the update release. Although the “likelihood is high!”

Having Parallel Tasks on Android is sure to enhance the usability of Chromebooks. Do you use one? Are you elated for the Chrome OS 64 stable? Expecting the feature with the update? Let us know in comments and follow us for the next update on this!

Via: Chrome Unboxed

Chrome OS 64 will have Android Parallel Tasks feature