Intel lists Core i7-8809G with AMD Graphics on its official website

Jan 2, 2018, 6:00 am

Aniruddha P.

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Intel has come up with a Core i7 processor to list on its official website: the Core(TM) i7-8809G CPU. It is listed under the section ‘Unlocked Processors’ on the site.

The Intel Core i7-8809G is the most notable among the list, as it is presently the first known solution by the collaboration of Intel and AMD. It is a quad-core processor having a maximum TDP (thermal design power) of 100W (CPU + GPU). Packing the AMD RX Vega graphics card, the Intel Core processor is listed next to the Coffee Lake-S and Core-X series.

The other two Core i7 processors of Intel are i7-8705G and i7-8706G CPU. All the three Core i7 processors vary in the active Vega Compute Units and core frequencies. However the direct link to the newly listed processor, the Intel Core i7-8809G is found broken on the official website.

Meanwhile, according to experts, we may not see much focus of the Intel-AMD collaboration on desktops in the coming future, though further details are yet unknown.

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