LG unveils world’s first highest resolution 8K OLED screen to date

LG 8k OLED Screen

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It’s been quite some time now that 4K and HDR have become very popular and affordable in the market. Analysing the situation, the Korean manufacturer, LG Display has decided to push their OLED technology to 8K. They are trying to reveal the world’s first 88-inch 8K OLED display by the next CES. Though the detailed specifications are yet to be declared by the company, once released, it will be the largest and the highest-resolution OLED screen till date. The current largest OLED screen is 4K with a width of 77-inch.

Many companies including LG Electronics, Sony, and Panasonic do currently provide that 4K 77-inch combination. But they still depend on LG Display for their large OLED panels.


The prime rival of LG Display is Samsung Display. Samsung Display, as of now, are more interested in their QLED TVs. This leaves LG Display as the only large-size i.e 8K OLED display manufacturer in the world. Still, LG Display has decided to leave no loose ends and made huge investments. They want to make sure that they have the undisputed impact and importance in both the mobile and TV OLED panel market. Samsung Display is well established though in that mobile OLED panel market. LG Display is also looking forward to establishing a new plant outside of Korea. This plant in Guangzhou city, China will be their first expansion outside Korea. The South Korean government has recently approved the new plant as well.

Via: Engadget

LG unveils world's first highest resolution 8K OLED screen to date