Yesterday, developer support service Buddybuild announced that it has been taken over by Apple for the development of iPhone apps. At the same time, it will remain available for its existing customers and its Android app development venture will end in the coming March.

Buddybuild’s team will collaborate with the Xcode personnel for creating developer tools for the apps. They will remain in Vancouver of British Columbia.

The company provides fast shipping of apps for the developers via integrations with developer tools for iOS apps like BitBucket, GitLab, and GitHub. For Apple, it is to create a secure environment for app building by each git push. This will further boost the make of an iOS app and run unit or user interface tests in the follow-up. Finally, it will prep the app for beta testing or will deploy to the TestFlight of Apple.

The Apple-Buddybuild merger aims at achieving easement in the development of iOS apps process right from app building to the App Store launch for iOS. Buddybuild provides starter plans for $71 per month and business plans for $245 per month.

This year will keep the developer community for Apple on the toe, with iMac Pro only started shipping, and the new Mac Pro desktops on the line. As per reports, the company is working on a new unified code base in order to make things convenient for the developers to come up with the Mac versions of the apps. The focus is to launch the apps in overall App Stores with only one build.

As Apple acquires BuddyBuild, it is not just looking to expand on greener pastures like coming up with its first scripted television series but also keeping a strong hold on what they are known for! The Apple acquisition is really exciting for the Apple fans amid legal troubles and iOS issues in the recent past.