The Games with Gold January 2018 of free Xbox One games are available now

The games with gold January

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The new lineup of Xbox One games are now live, under the Xbox Live Gold membership in the Games with Gold program, which shall also include two Backward Compatibility titles. These can be downloaded with ease from Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles. Gamers can now access the concluding chapter of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III (available: January 1-31, 2018) and relax, killing horrific monsters across Gothic Europe. Microsoft released a tantalizing teaser with a preview saying that Borgovia will be seen in “darkest state”, and that the propagation of a “strange cult” is now revealing to be what might be the end of the world. That, coupled with the story of his supernatural companion, Lady Katarina, will also be seen.


The other title is that of Zombi (available: January 16- February 15), which was released back in 2012 at Wii U2, a first-person zombie survival game which necessarily requires you to clutch your cricket bat close, in order to get safely out of London, shown as the land of the infected. Falling victim to one of these brain-eating enemies means the loss of all your possessions and starting afresh as a new character, the aim being the collection of the said items.

Tomb Raider: Underworld will be available to download from today and is to be replaced by Army of Two on January 16. The first is an easy solution to those gamers who do not want to compensate for missing Lara Croft’s elaborate adventures by riveting the clunky old 90’s originals, but want to explore what this game truly upholds- stalwart moments in gaming history, before her full reboot mode in 2013.

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“Combat, camaraderie and cash” are three watchwords of Army of Two (available: January 16-31, 2018) , which has kept a two-player, co-op third-person shooter game in mind, revolving around the realm of private military enterprise. Since the online game servers were shut down in 2011 by the EA, you might have to pay in local split-screen to withhold the magnitude of this game.

Source: Express

The Games with Gold January 2018 of free Xbox One games are available now