Google Pixel 2 devices were earlier reported having poor microphone issue and low-quality audio recording. Now, the Google Pixel 2 XL phones are having audio related bugs leading to low volume recordings of audio or video messages. The company has acknowledged this issue and said that they are ‘looking on it.’

Major messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram, with sound recording support, have users reporting the issue over online forums and via Twitter. Both As per some complaints, senders and receivers of the recorded messages have reported the Pixel 2 XL audio bug.

Several users on online forums like Pixel User Community, XDA, Reddit and others have reported ‘barely-audible’ recordings in detail. One of them even went as far as posting a video that you can catch up with below.

Bring back smiles if you are a Google fan, as a user was responded to by Google Support Team representative that finishes with “I’m positive this will be fixed in upcoming system updates.”

Naturally, we don’t know yet how long will it take for the fix to arrive, but fingers crossed that the tech giant does it soon enough. Follow us to get the next update on its progress.