Apple Inc. has recently expressed their concern regarding the fact that all Mac computers and iOS devices including the iPhones and iPads are exposed to a certain chip security flaws. The Intel chip security flaw was discovered this week. Though the company has confirmed that they are yet to find any case where that flaw is exploited or the users are affected by it.

Apple has taken a step for this & released an update. This latest software update received by the iPads, iPhones, iPod touches, Mac desktops, laptops, and the Apple TV set-top-box does alleviate one of the vulnerabilities known as the Meltdown. The company has confirmed that the Apple Watch is not affected by the issue. The derivative of the iOS that runs the Apple watch doesn’t come with the flaw.

There were reports that the fixes in the latest update might slow down the devices. Though Apple has discarded any such allegations.

An update for the Safari web browser is expected to be released soon. It will tackle another security flaw named Spectre. This update though could slow the browser by about 2.5%, Apple has confirmed officially on their website.

Intel Corp. clarified the situation this Wednesday. They released a report explaining how its semiconductors might contain a vulnerability. They have held a chip-processing technique called speculative execution, responsible for the issue. Intel has taken the blame, officially confirming that it is their chip that contains the flaw. These chips are used in processors, based on ARM Holdings architecture, used in most of the Apple iOS devices and Android smartphones.