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Users complain about overheating problem in Google Pixel phones

Jan 5, 2018, 4:15 pm

Google is a trusted brand name in the world of smartphones. According to recent reports, Google flagship Pixel devices reported major issues like random reboots on first gen Pixel devices with Android update 8.1 (pushed in December).

The owners of this devices are reporting problems like freezing of phone occasionally, where it either reboots immediately or lags till it reboots. Not only this, at some point in time, this Pixel device ends up bricking where it is creating immense trouble. One of such troubled users shared RMA issued by Google. The accuser also mentioned that before upgrading to Android 8.1 stable, they encountered random reboots even on the beta version. This made clear that Google failed to fix the problem in beta phase itself.

Another serious issue regarding first gen Google device is that their users are facing pixel overheating problem easily without much in use. Further, some users are also facing problems with a microphone, speaker, headphone and Bluetooth after the update.

Finally, we can conclude that Google should pay attention to this emerging issue at an earlier stage. The number of complaints is not much but are serious as per the user’s loyalty is concerned. We will provide you more details regarding this soon. For more such tech updates stay tuned to us.

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