Spider-Man-style E-Skin smart shirt shows off at CES that makes your body a motion controller

E-Skin Smart Shirt

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Japanese startup Xenoma is bringing its updated signature smart shirt at the CES 2018, which is bestowed in the company’s E-Skin technology and is able to make the operator’s body an ideal video game controller. It looks like a kind of Spiderman-ish shirt that’s skin-tight and is called as E-Skin Smart Shirt which is having 14 sensors and a running video game.

The entire torso of the user is transformed into a motion controller when they put on the E-Skin Smart Shirt and activate the sensors. Accordingly, the body movements act as per the inputs on games and apps. A Bluetooth module is plugged into the chest center for transmitting data from the sensors to the nearby smartphone or PC that’s running the custom software of Xenoma.


As for the mini-game that comes with the shirt, it is only a basic running game, a glimpse of which you can see in the video with this content. It is much like a mobile running game that you can enjoy on your desktop screen. The E-Skin input mechanism did bring a feel of Dance Dance Revolution, one of the favorites among the Japanese. Alongside gaming, users will further benefit from the ‘abundantly clear’ fitness element.

The startup is as well bringing two prototype products related to fitness and healthcare. It has shared visions to make smart shirts that will track running and other activities like monitoring vitals through EKG sensors or tracking respiratory system via analysis of chest contraction. Although not planned for recent future releases, the two prototypes are said to have the capabilities.

Additionally, Xenoma is focusing on rolling out the E-Skin products to developers for pairing with VR headsets. The likes of Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, and other smartphone-powered devices will have a suitable full-body motion controller. Thusly, external cameras and motion tracking modules will not be required, cutting the expense for the passionate gamers out there!

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Starting March, you can have access to a developer kit of the E-Skin products at the cost of $5,000. Remember folks, these will be dedicated platforms of gaming and fitness only. Xenoma will, although be coming up with an official consumer version, perhaps by the end of the year.

Source: Bussiness Wire

Spider-Man-style E-Skin smart shirt shows off at CES that makes your body a motion controller