When it comes to lifestyle choices, it is common to find a gap between the likes of the old school and new school. You would find that an older person loves his car that comes with a gear shaft while a younger person would not touch any car that is not automatic. However, that is not to say there are no older persons who blend with the new advances of this present time. In fact, many older persons are getting on with newer technology and doing fine while at it. But sometimes old habits indeed die hard, this is why you might find an elderly person deciding to stick with his good old pencil instead of trying out the 3D pen.

What’s the deal about 3D pens?

You might be wondering why such a fuss is being made over an ordinary pen. But a 3D pen is not just like any other pen. Instead of ink, you have plastic and you are not limited to working on paper alone. 11must.com captures the vast potentials you can achieve while wielding the best 3D pen for your artwork. Your drawing can go up a notch by adding another dimension and almost look as if it’s animated. Thus, it is really something anyone interested in art or designs would find intriguing.

Reasons why 3D pens would interest the elderly


It is a known factor that as people age they begin to lose complete control of their bodily functions. It is common to lose coordination in your arms first as the elderly hands become unsteady and tire easily. Realizing the onset of this decline can be quite depressing for an artist. But with the use of one of the best 3D pens readily available in stores, such a person can get back on their creativity with no issues.


For the old-time artists who were only familiar with the use of the pencil, canvas and bare hands, they must have dreamt up a lot of inventions. But they just did not have the tools to carry it out. With the use of best 3D pens, the elderly can finally live their dreams and achieve what they thought impossible before.

Assisted technology

3dprint.com pinpoints how 3D products can be used to assist the elderly with limited physical functions. While most of this kind of assistive tools are made with the more advanced 3D printer, some simple products can still be achieved using one of the best 3D pens. Making something as simple as a holder for a ball pen or a mobile phone can be very useful to the elderly.

Reasons why 3D pens would interest the youth

One does not actually have to go far looking for reasons for youths being interested in 3D pens. It is just plain normal for the young to get excited about new stuff as it piques their curiosity to find out more about it.


This is the first thing everyone does when they start their education – doodle. However, for some kids, it goes above just making wiggly lines on paper. Some kids actually come gifted and are only limited by the lack of tools. Therefore, having a specially made 3D pen which is safe for use for smaller kids is indeed a welcome invention. Newatlas describes this special 3D pen as one that comes without the heated parts and makes it a safe option for smaller children to use. This is a great thing as these kids can fly with ideas and practically draw in the air from that young age.


The youth are always about animation. Whether it is movies or images, the animation is what gives it that extra spark that keeps them glued to it. That is why a youth would be obsessed with buying one of the best 3D pens available at the store. Mwcyomo puts it succinctly by stating that the use of 3D pens for the youth expands their minds and encourages them to think on a more advanced level.


Popsci explains the futuristic attribute of the 3D printing pen which is definitely an appeal to young people. By being able to create things out of the blue with the 3D pen, it gives the youth a feeling of living beyond their present time. And given that 3D pens are quite new on the market, there are possibilities of newer discoveries as regards its functionality.

Things to consider

The elderly may want to start slow by getting the 3D doodler pens. This kind of 3D pens come quite simple with easy to operate functions and some even include stencils that would assist you to learn its usage faster. Other considerations when looking to buy one of the best 3D pens should include:

  • The size: the smaller or slimmer the pen, the easier it’s likely to be for you to handle it.
  • The weight: this also correlates with the first factor, the lesser it weighs the easier the glide for you.
  • User control: Since 3D pens are still quite new, you may find that they all offer similar features but there are some types that now offer the user control over the speed and temperature which proves very useful.

Whether you belong to the elderly or youth group, it generally pays to stay connected with new discoveries. Just because you have been using the regular pen or pencil all your life does not mean you should not try something new. Of course, you would have to be patient to learn how to use it right. So, if you consider yourself a teachable person, you should not have any problems. For the youth always rearing to go, there is the need for caution when making use of any tool. The heated filament which is a major part of the 3D pen could be a hazard if not well handled. You do not have to put yourself at risk just to make a point.

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