Apple is presently signing older iOS versions: iOS 10.2 and 10.3 to its server for many of its devices: iPhone 5, 6, 7 and more. Therefore, users can now downgrade from iOS 11.2 to 10. There is no info on why Apple is letting this happen, and thusly, it might just be a bug!

In case you are looking for Apple iOS downgrade, do so immediately as Apple might soon revert things back. Things are going hayway for the company these days, with issues in iPhone X, the latest being the model turning to ‘hair magnet!’ It is likely that they intend to keep the earned reputation in the market and come up with solutions and clarities fast enough which may take away your chance to downgrade your iOS.

Recently, Apple announced a change of policy, which may have a hand in the play of the downgrading aspect. This again makes it obvious that the company will revert soon.

iOS 11 Downgrade

Users can now implement an iTunes firmware restore to go from the latest iOS 11.2.2 back to 10.2 at maximum. Apple is usually aggressive in stopping the signings of older OS versions to its server. The standard policy of the company has never before allowed users to go back to an OS update.

iPhone 7 users will be happy at this, as they can now go back to a version that does not degrade battery power, as the latest iOS has the company’s signature advanced power management performance.

In addition, the tracker shows that iOS 6 and 7 are being signed as well. But the users going back that far are facing issues regarding activation and more, as per reports.