CES 2018 Gets AR Presentation on 64-inch Screen Named Deepframe

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Aniruddha Paul
Aniruddha Paul
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While the field of augmented reality has already shown us enormous possibilities, it’s no wonder if you are feeling lost with the tech companies presenting new innovations every now and then. One such company is Realfiction, and it presented Deepframe, an immersive 64-inch screen for AR, at the ongoing CES. It can provide an AR experience for a big crowd and is to find its place in museums and stores.

Relying on optics, Deepframe can reflect the output from the display that’s placed in front. It does not pack any electronics. The more upgraded your source display is, the sharper the view resolution is offered. A deep frame can be embedded into an existing structure or window if you don’t want to keep it standalone.

The presentation at the Convention Center had a CG velociraptor hopping across the Deepframe screen, and it brought the feeling as if the dinosaur is actually present in the room with the audience. There was a chat session featuring the Realfiction CEO Clas Dyrholm over the screen (he was in another room), and that was like ‘chatting with a Star Wars hologram.’ Clas made the dinosaur appear by his side instantly!

Realfiction has been known to deliver ‘limited’ holographs to stores for years now, and Deepframe Augmented Reality is a step taken beyond just that, according to Clas. The stores have a display for customers to interact with rare and expensive items. Once, the company created a demo for a car maker firm that is without a show floor space for cars. So, customers can use the Deepframe screen to check out the cars and customize the vehicles in AR by using a mobile app.

Any AR-enthusiastic visitor at the CES can have their own hologram, thanks to the simple setup of Deepframe created by Realfiction. They have a Canon DSLR in the room next to the display, which was capturing video and displaying the same via a gaming laptop. In the follow-up, the camera processed the video into AR imagery.

There was a webcam in front of the Deepframe, letting the visitor see who was watching the screen. Chatting with them over a microphone was naturally possible by the visitor, but the most fun was using a small remote control to turn the hologram on and off and even make the dinosaur appear beside him.

The simplicity of the setup and no requirement of other equipment suggest that Realfiction has more to offer via Deepframe in the AR industry. No price rate is confirmed by the company yet, but Clas said that it could be between $50,000 to $60,000 or so. The release date isn’t confirmed either.

How elated are you feeling to go for the big screen? Would you like to see it in your nearby shopping mall? Share with us in the comments below and keep following us for more updates from the CES.

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