Apple is in real trouble, with its iPhones running into so many issues and the latest is the worst so far. In the last two days, the Apple Stores of Switzerland and Spain have had the severe accident of iPhone batteries exploding.

Yesterday at 1.30pm local time, in the Apple Store in Valencia of Spain, a room was filled with smoke after an iPhone battery caught on fire. The battery was inside the phone during the accident. Workers of the store took care of the flame and opened windows to let the smoke out. Three firefighters and police arrived at the scene, although there was nothing else for them to do. Thankfully, none was injured.

On the day before, was the iPhone battery blast taking place at the store in Zurich of Switzerland. An Apple Store employee received minor burns and a total of seven people required treatments right on the scene. Fortunately, no hospital admission and other property damage were reported.

Well, Apple recently said that it boosted the CPU speed on iPhone 6 and later models. The company explained that it was to prevent a shutdown of the phones during complex tasks. This led them to bring down the price of battery replacement from $79 to $29 towards the end of 2017. This tells us that the Apple Stores have been busier than usual in replacing batteries and two accidents popped up into the mix!