Is it the end of a (small) era? It seems that Xiaomi has put an end to the expected departure of Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, and therefore to all future Note models. The Chinese brand changes its policy with respect to one of its most successful smartphone families, at least according to one of its moderators.

Since 2014 Xiaomi launched the Redmi Note, basically a more powerful variant and with a larger screen of the original Redmi released in 2013 each model of this family has been accompanied by its Note version, reaching the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, one of the most successful terminals of the Chinese brand.

Just at the beginning of this month came the next iteration of the family, the Xiaomi Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus. But those who have not updated their Redmi 4 Note expecting precisely the output of the Redmi 5 Note they know that it will not happen because, in theory, it has already come out.

The Redmi Note is over

Mitch002, a ‘Super Moderator’ who does his work in the official forums of Xiaomi, specifically in the sub-forum MIUI, has assured in a post of these forums that Xiaomi is not going to launch a Redmi Note 5, and alludes to restructuring and change in the Redmi family:

The wait is finally over, Xiaomi has decided to launch the Redmi Note 5. No, wait: I heard that it is now called Redmi 5 Plus? Has there been a name change? Yes, friends, the two new phones of the size of the Redmi Note have been called Redmi 5 in the case of the model [with screen] of 5.7 inches , and Redmi 5 Plus for the model [with screen] of 5.99 inches […] At the moment Xiaomi has decided to stop using the name of Notein its economic terminals of 5.7 inches.

Precisely the output of Redmi Note 5 is what those who were still with their Redmi Note 4 expected, especially. According to experts, the new version of Xiaomi’s biggest mobile was going to come with a 5.99” FHD+ screen like that of the Redmi 5 Plus, but inside it would mount a Snapdragon 630 chipset or even Snapdragon 660. Instead, it seems that they will have to go to the Redmi 5 Plus which mounts the same Snapdragon 625 processor – usual in the mid-range – then the Redmi Note 4 a year and a half ago.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Camera

A lap with the same processor

Criticized to continue using the same Qualcomm again and again, it seems that for Xiaomi there is no Snapdragon 626, 652 or 653. And since the 5th generation of Redmi has already left and will not have revision Note in the future, it does not seem that we are going to see a new Redmi 5 with Snapdragon 630 or 636 processor either.

The Redmi Note 5 Plus sells for less than 200 euros in China, and given the success of the Redmi Note 4 it could leave at any time in the western markets such as Spain – now that we have Xiaomi physical stores in Madrid.

At the moment this information about the cancellation of the Note models comes from a moderator and not from the brand, which has not yet been officially pronounced, so it is not entirely safe. We will be waiting for some kind of statement or denial if it ever happens.

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