Apple has marketed its new iPad Pro by releasing two ads titled as Augment Reality and Take a Note on January 13. Apple showcased these ads as a PC replacement saying “what’s in a computer”? The ads are part of a larger campaign ongoing since last year.

The first ad highlights on augmented reality that shows how the device can be used for imagining scenes around you based on Apple’s new ARKIT platforms for iOS 11. As Apple shows in the ad – with iPad + iOS 11 one can use it for augmenting the reality as it literally transforms the world around you. Next computer may not be a computer.

On the second ad, Apple tries to showcase the Apple Pencil and how the Pencil can be used for creating multimedia notes on an iPad Pro running on iOS 11. The Pencil has the capability to draw, type, drag and drop photos from Apple’s files. The ad shows a boy creating a school project using the GoodNotes 4 application with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Over the recent months, Apple has been releasing new advertisements for the viewers that questions what a PC is in the days of iPad Pro.