Samsung has tried to maintain utmost secrecy regarding its latest flagship, Galaxy X. The foldable phone which will also double as a tablet and revolutionize the world of smartphones was unveiled by the South Korean company at CES 2018, amidst select partners of the corporation.

The renders revealed of the phone’s alleged design shows a flexible single AMOLED-screen. The screen covers 99% of the anterior surface, leaving hardly any space for the bezel. When folded, the display measures 5-inches diagonally, with a 2560×1440 p QHD resolution; while unfolded, it measures 8-inches and has a 4096×3072 p resolution. The display supports HDR 10 technology in both phone and tablet form.

The body of the device is made up of a uniquely flexible material called Kevlar, which will allow the device to be folded without creasing the display. If rumors are to be believed, the device is supposed to have two types, based on how it folds. An out-folding type, with a curvature rate 5R, and an advanced next-gen technology; and an in-folding type, with a curvature rate 1R.

Galaxy X will sport a single main camera with LED flash on its back and a dual front camera. The back of the device will also be equipped with sensors and a fingerprint scanner, while the front will have space for a speaker and several sensors.

Although no details have yet been released regarding its commercial availability or its price, it is expected that the revolutionary device will be quite expensive, and hit the shelves by the first quarter of 2019.