5 top tech tips that will make you feel like a boss

No person can resist the strength of a game-changing secret, especially in relation to the devices and technologies we use each day. In case you need to know a way to keep your life at work more organized easier, this post has some amazing tips for you. Your tech life will become a whole lot simpler after reading following tips. So, what are you waiting for? Read on.

Whether you are searching for a less complicated way to send a file to your boss, or simply need to stay attentive while working online, bear in mind to include these tips on your list for more productivity.

Tip #1: You can use your iPad as a second monitor

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It always happens that due to a handful of tabs herding your internet browser, the photographs from your vacation or holiday trip overloading your email inbox and there’s never enough display area. It’s specifically bulky if you’re looking to do the things on a small computer. So, you can repurpose your iPad screen as your second monitor and utilize it.


Tip # 2: Organize Chrome to prevent postponement

Every person deserves a small break all through the working day, whether that’s looking funny videos or having a chat with buddies. However, in case you use Google’s Chrome browser, there’s a smart way to ensure you spend way much time on things which are not related to work.

Attempt the use of the Stay-focused Google chrome extension; it helps to set closing times for particular websites. 10 minutes is the default time, and once you’ve hit your time, the internet site turns into briefly unreachable.

Tip # 3: Use Siri For Reminders

It happens with all of us: When you check your phone for a dinner invitation or an email from a coworker, you choose to answer later, and then fail to recall later. Apple’s amazing voice assistant Siri can assist you. Subsequent time you test any email that you couldn’t respond to at the moment, inform Siri to “remind me this later.”

Apple gave Siri a new feature that permits the digital assistant to set textual reminders according to what’s on the display screen. Meaning Siri also can remind you regarding websites you have searched in the browser, texts Messages and different sorts of other content material.

Tip # 4: You can send follow-ups in Gmail

Possibly you want to follow up with a coworker, but you understand he/she is on a trip and it’s probably good to email once they return. The Boomerang app’s feature adds on for Gmail helps you write and schedule your emails to be sent at a future date. This really does help a lot to keep the follow-ups.

Tip # 5: Use your phone to scan files

Even in case you generally use email for work documents and files, there can be some situations where sharing a hard copy of the document turns into a necessary need. You can use Adobe scanner or Evernote Scannable app to scan the documents, receipts, brochures, cards, and forms through the use of your smartphone’s camera. It saves a lot of time and effort. Simply take snaps of the documents so they will be scanned and then email it all to yourself for printouts.

Hope you liked these tech tips. If you have any suggestions do comment below in the comment section.

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