As information heard, WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will empower the users to prevent spam messages, in the next updated version of 2.17.430, as reported by an app watcher. WABetaInfo, a fan website that tests new features confirms that the feature is still in its beta version and has not been sanctioned yet. This feature will be developed for both Android and iOS users.

Spammers use platforms like WhatsApp to spread spam messages and the company is trying to solve this issue. The message may contain fake news, an unwanted advertisement which is often requested to be forwarded to the other contacts. An example of the commonly circulated fake message says that – you need to start paying a subscription fee to the app in order to continue using WhatsApp unless you forward this message to many of your contacts.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will start showing alerts when a message has been forwarded at least 25 times. A warning message will appear at the top of the chat bubble which will make it easier to identify spam messages and ignore them immediately. It asks the users to be cautious of messages that include grammatical errors and misspellings, asks for personal information and tells to forward the message to the other contacts.

WhatsApp advices its users to utilize the broadcast list feature to send messages to many contacts so that contacts that have your phone number will only receive the messages.

Recently, the Android users of WhatsApp were hit by an ‘obsolete error’ version, the messaging service had confirmed to fix the error as its occurrence was out of its control. Another new feature ‘Dismiss as Admin’ was also spotted being tested. The feature allows the group administrator to remove admin advantages for other users without removing them from the group.