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5 powerful tech tools to grow your online business this year

Jan 19, 2018, 6:18 pm

Technology is always one step ahead of every other thing and same is the case with online business. If you want to grow your business in this field then you have to learn the technology tools otherwise you cannot lead in the market. So, today we have come up with the 5 powerful tech tools to grow your online business this year. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Stay active with Groove:

The groove is the first tech tool which comes to our mind when we think of online business growth. The best function of the groove is that it morphs your existing email into a full professional customer help desk. It will tell you which email is the most important for you and which to mark at the top and which one you can ignore. With all these features, it also helps us in social media, live chat, phone, and SMS facility. Briefly, we can say that it is easy to manage everything under one tool.

2. Work with Hootsuite:

When we start our business we are active but with the passage of time we get slow day by day and this thing ruins our all successful online business. In online business, you have to keep active yourself whole day either you can do this by a virtual assistant or by yourself.

One more thing can end this difficulty which is Hootsuite, it works as our alarm. It keeps you active about our all updates, posts, and chat. Which thing needs your attention, this tells us.

3. Pay with Due:

Online business doesn’t only need SEO or analytics, it also requires some payment method and for that “Due” is the best option. Due used to deal with all kind of money section, it includes pay pal info, credit/debit card, etc. From every bank detail to personal user info, due deals in that so those people who have some issues regarding payment then they must install Due.

4. Talk with Slack:

Communication is the biggest problem between customer and seller and Slack resolves this issue very brilliantly. I guess Slack is the best tool in that and no one can beat this tool and some big companies of the world use Slack. It gives you a different way to chat with the customers and solve their solutions plus it has different chat rooms, you can even lead to your clients into a personal chat room for personal dealings.

5. ZOHO Projects:

The biggest issue in growing your online business is the teamwork. It is very difficult to daily communicate with each and every employee so ZOHO projects have sort out this issue and via this tool we organize projects, assign tasks and set priority levels to specific tasks. We can even use reporting feature also but for that, we have to buy this whole tool. All the above features are available in free version; we can try that first if we want to see how it works.

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