Many will remember that a few months ago, even a year ago, we met a major security vulnerability in the iPhone. And that was precipitated as absurdly as with the reception of a text message. Well, Apple returns to the old ways, with another case of a text message that can block the iPhone.

The problems are growing for Apple, the last month has not stopped growing the ball around the deliberate slowdown of the older iPhone and with a more “worn” battery.

A text message can block the iPhone, again

Apple stumbles again on the same stone, and once again with a similar method that is able to completely block the iPhone. If the previous time we met a similar case, this “hacking” was carried out through SMS text messages, now this is given in the conversations of the Apple messaging app, Messages. It has nothing to do with texts in Arabic signs that once blocked the iPhone and restarted, but this time it is a link to a web page.

It is a link that is able to block the iPhone and even a Mac and restart it. The link, as you can see in the tweet published by the person who has found the Apple security flaw, takes us to the GitHub page where the vulnerability that allows manipulating Apple devices is loaded. As is logical, we should only use the link in any case for testing purposes, and never send it in bad faith to someone with the aim of blocking your iPhone and restarting later.

The problem with this vulnerability, named ChaiOS bug is that if we open Messages again, the app will open again the last active conversation, in which this message is found, loading it again and restarting the device, again and again, so technically Messages is unusable. The alternative to avoiding this text bomb problem is to send a message from the contacts page to another person to start a conversation. In this way, we can completely delete the conversation where the malicious message is located and avoid the reboots generated by this link. As you can see, it’s about demonstrating the iPhone vulnerability, and in no case doing harm to anyone.

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