70 colleges and universities in Europe have adopted Apple’s Everyone Can Code program

Everyone Can Code

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Information dug out on 19th January says that Apple has announced 70 leading technical colleges and university in Europe which have adopted a program named ‘Everyone can code’ that helps everyone to learn to build mobile apps. This program which helps students to learn how to build apps was launched in May 2017 but was only limited to the U.S. before rolling to other markets as Australia and selected institutions in Europe.

This program is designed to teach students to build apps using the Swift curriculum. Since the arrival of Swift, the company has been initiating various ‘learn to code’ educational program, which includes an app for teaching kids to code, named as Swift Playgrounds. The expansion of this app to institutions in the U.K., Germany, Norway, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Poland, and Portugal offers development with swift to prepare skills for the students to pursue their careers in the app economy.


Some of the noted colleges and universities that have included this course are Harlow College in the U.K. and Mercantec Vocational College in Denmark, both consisting of 3,000 students. The Harlow College also provides the course for adults who are seeking to regain employment in app development. The Technical University of Munich in Germany and Hogeschool Van Arnhem en Nijmegen in the Netherlands consists of 34,000 students who now have the ability to learn to code through app development with swift.

coding is an essential skill for today’s workforce, and through Everyone Can Code, we’re giving people around the world the power to learn, write and teach coding – Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.

Apple’s Swift is a programming language that enables to create the next generation cutting-edge software. Since the launch of the Apple Store in 2008, it had earned $16 billion in App Store sales which globally turns out as $70 billion. In Europe Apple has generated 1.36 million jobs paying around $18 billion to developers across Europe.

Source: Apple

70 colleges and universities in Europe have adopted Apple's Everyone Can Code program