On January 18, yesterday, as promised before, WhatsApp finally introduced its awaited business app: WhatsApp Business. The popular message platform has been teasing about the same for several weeks now and has kept its words for the small businesses in India and Brazil.

WhatsApp Business aims at establishing connections between customers and businesses in a refreshed and official essence, “separating customer and personal messages.” It is available to download for free from Google Play Store starting yesterday.

Among the features, the app provides five highlights: Business Profiles, Messaging Tools, Messaging Statistics, WhatsApp Web and Account Type. These features together are set to make business-related communications convenient for the 1.3 billion users of the messaging platform.

Now let’s find out the purposes of the highlights that can easily connect companies and customers. To start with, Business Profiles are to offer useful info to customers based on the business description, website, email and store addresses.

Second, Messaging Tools are meant for quick replies in the form of fast answers to the FAQ. These as well include greeting messages introducing the customers to businesses, and away messages letting them know that the business owners and representatives are busy at the moment. WhatsApp puts it beautifully with the tag: ‘save time with smart messaging tools.’

Next, Messaging Statistics provide ‘simple metrics’ such as a number of messages that are read, letting the business personnel understand what’s working.

Fourth, WhatsApp Web makes it simple for the users who access the platform via desktop, in regards to sending and receiving messages with WhatsApp Business.

Fifth and finally, Account Type ensures users that they are conversing with a business. This is possible because the business personnel will have their respective account listed as a Business Account. After a specific time period, certain businesses will earn the tag ‘Confirmed Accounts,’ as a confirmation that the phone number of the account matches the contact info of the business.

Given the entire newlines, WhatsApp can be used by people as usual, and “there’s no need to download anything new.” Additionally, users will continue having full control over received messages, which comes with the ability to block any number, including those of businesses, and even report spam.

More than 80% of the small businesses in the countries India and Brazil report that the concerned message platform helps in communication with customers, which further inspires expansion of their businesses. WhatsApp Business is currently available in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. It will experience a global rollout in the weeks to come.

WhatsApp says: “This is just the beginning!