On January 19, yesterday, Facebook shared its second major update in News Feed that will provide the lesser number of content but will have improved qualities in terms of source, information, and publications. This is one of the inceptive parts of the social media giant to implement as per its priorities for 2018.

Talking about priorities, the company aims at providing news that is coming from trustworthy sources. Along with the same, its objectives are to present news content that users will find more informative and relevant as per their respective local communities. This as well includes the current ability of the users to choose the stories that will appear in their feeds with the help of the See First feature.

As far as trusted sources are concerned, Facebook in the coming week will start tests on the area where communities rate the publications as trustworthy. It will be based on the survey of the American users, which will, in turn, affect ranking in Facebook News Feed. The social media platform says that the coming future will see a global rollout of the implementations derived from test results.

In case of enhancements on informativeness, Facebook ‘will continue to improve on the work’ of their announcement in last August. To catch up: the company started taking feedback from users regarding the ranking of received info ‘in their feed on a scale of one to five.’ Facebook is presently evaluating ways for expansion accordingly in further areas over the year 2018.

Last but not the least, it is observed that users look for more local news on the social media. They will have a ‘dedicated section’ to receive more relevant local news easily.

Facebook clearly stated that these will be ongoing in its works for the rest of the year. This will have publishers be on the toe in terms of trust for the users, as poor ranking will see them deteriorate in distribution, and vice versa. To all the publishers, check out the Publisher Guidelines of Facebook to be more precise in your progress.

Last year, Facebook had to go through hard turmoils in controlling spams, and it looks like the social media found more ways to make things better. We do hope that its efforts in keeping its platform authentic for the global mass succeed in the days to come.