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OnePlus devices having Laboratory feature is not working after Oreo update

Jan 20, 2018, 10:15 am

OnePlus users reported in the brand’s official forums that the Laboratory feature is not working after they updated the devices to Android Oreo. This is the same for various OP phones, and the OnePlus Bug Hunter team came up with the acknowledgment after ‘careful review.’

The OnePlus Laboratory feature enables users to turn on the ‘Power Notification Controls,’ which after the Oreo update is not appearing. At the same time, the feature cannot be turned off. In case you are not aware, it provides the users setting a priority level of an app’s notifications on a scale from 0 to 5. Setting 0 will block all notifications from the app, and 5 will give you notifications at the top of the list with full-screen interruption and ‘always peek enabled.’

According to the statement given by the Bug Hunter team, the function is not presently available. But it looks like that the feature will return again in the next updated version, as the statement reads: “we suggest that you look forward to the following version.”

This far, we don’t have further details on this case and are keeping the tab on things to serve you the next development. Meanwhile, tell us in comments below if you have experienced the same in your OnePlus device.

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