Google Allo messaging app is getting more attractive. The Android app, which was launched to the market last September by Google, is updated to support GIF and sticker customization. In addition, the app is integrated with Google’s digital search assistant, to find swift answers to all kinds of queries.

Allo builds 26 references a feature named as Scene Generation that allows users to input text before their writing turns into an animation. It is enabled from the main chat toolbar found on the extreme right of the expressive search panel. Google describes the service as “create image suggestion” whose highlighted function is to focus as GIF maker and deliver highly optimized lightweight animations. The same is the solution for custom stickers as the GIF attached to the existing stickers are automatic and doesn’t allow additional customization.

Another useful feature for Google Allo is the faster access to the Google’s digital search assistant. This specification now features a button on the compose box to add an assistant to any conversation with one tap. The assistant finds answers to any random facts, news, and queries. Google claims that one out of twelve messages in group chats in Allo are to the Google Assistant already.

Google Allo is also working on camera filters which are in addition to the augmented reality portfolio. Just like the other camera filters of Allo, these filters have to be downloaded manually and aren’t bundled with the base version of the app which is installable from Google Play Store. It also contains editable “Sender ID” that is automatically associated with a phone number which cannot be changed but, Google may bring up more updates to attach it to Gmail address by default.

Versatility is aimed at Google Allo. More changes of designs are at the upcoming corner for its users.