Metal Gear Survive Releases the Latest Co-Op Gameplay Trailer

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Oindrila Banerjee
Oindrila Banerjee
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Metal Gear Survive has been innovated by a team which claims that it is not the next big addition to the Metal Gear franchise, although it uses the game mechanics of Metal Gear Solid V. That being said, the trailer released by Metal Gear Survive is turning quite a few heads as its beta version, made available till  January 21, is proving itself to be quite pleasing to gamers.

The year is 1975. Cold War tensions continue to ease, and the Vietnam War is in its final days. The legendary mercenary Big Boss leads an army that belongs to no nation. Under the guise of a nuclear inspection by the IAEA, a hostile force known as XOF launches a surprise attack on Mother Base, Big Boss’s base of operations. His soldiers put up a desperate fight, but their efforts are in vain, as Mother Base falls.

The aforementioned passage forms the backdrop for the game. It is followed by the Big Boss trying to escape the Mother Base in a helicopter when an intense light appears in the sky that opens up a wormhole. This wormhole forms a portal between the base and a parallel world, and then it sucks in everything in and around the base, leaving the soldier who had helped the Big Boss to escape the base as the only survivor. The game begins at the moment when the survivor wakes up in a facility belonging to the Wardenclyffe Section, a secretive research organization of the U.S. government, six months after the event.

Gamers have now been given access to three minutes of the gameplay, which has been sped up to match the pace of Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz”, the music to which the game has been set. The music seems to be a nod to Kojima who used a number of 80’s music in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and has an excellent taste in music.

Metal Gear Survive’s novelty lies in the fact that the multiplayer game will have gamers playing with each other instead of against them, and a touch of comedy completes the game’s overall impact. Metal Gear Survive is all set to release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on February 20, 2018.

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