Samsung is one of the companies that offer a complete mobile device portfolio. Some mid-range phones from the company unveiled at CES in Las Vegas and the one destined for the high-end will take the stage at Mobile World Congress. We are expecting this could be Samsung Galaxy J 2018 in the lead.

The specifications of the device are published on benchmarking report site GFXBench in one of the most used performance tests with Android devices. The truth is that in the summary of this feature shows, some news that is interesting. One of them is that the Samsung Galaxy J 2018 will arrive with Android Oreo, so its arrival in the market is expected around March. On a related note, this version of Google’s operating system will debut on Galaxy S9, so the input range device will not be official before.

In what has to do with the screen of Samsung Galaxy J 2018, this is where less evolution is in the terminal. Thus, the dimensions of the panel will be 5.5-inches, which is not bad, and the resolution will remain in HD (720p) so you should not expect great things to confirm this point in terms of definition. Nor is it believed that the device comes with Infinite Screen or that its ratio is 18:9.

Other features of the Samsung Galaxy J 2018

In the two essential components of current smartphones, such as the processor and RAM, there will be a really important breakthrough. The first will be an Exynos 7885 eight-core 1.5 GHz (GPU Mali G-71) that will ensure a more than solvent performance. And, in what has to do with memory, the choice is aimed at 4GB, which would be fine – but this raises questions about what the Galaxy A8 offers, so maybe the three gigs have many more possibilities to be real.

As seen in the previous image of the performance test that has passed the Samsung Galaxy J 2018. Other options that are part of the smartphone are a 12-megapixel primary camera and 8-megapixel in the front with 32 GB storage expandable through the use of microSD cards; and adequate connectivity since there is no lack of WiFi or Bluetooth, but it is pointed out that the NFC chip would not be present.