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LG 27UK650-W announced with 27-inch 4K HDR monitor

Jan 21, 2018, 8:11 pm

The manufacturer of monitors LG has just presented its latest bet for the sector of medium screen monitors but high resolution. The LG 27UK650-W promises to be a monitor that connects all the points of a market that lately is moving a lot, with many new entries in it and a lot of interest from the users.

The market for monitors with medium screens and high screen resolution is in full boil. More and more users are opting for these monitors in front of their contemporaries of 2K or 1080p resolution, which are much more appropriate resolutions for their size. The 27-inch display for many it may look like a big screen but when it comes to the truth and when you add a resolution as big as 4K, the pixel count per inch goes up. The image becomes tremendously defined, as long as it is projected at the native resolution of the monitor.

Even so, users are still buying them with enthusiasm, especially now that with so many models in the market, the offer is beginning to make the prices of monitors begin to fall with some haste. The fact is that you can already buy monitors with characteristics similar to the LG 27UK650-W for only € 412. So, what makes this monitor special to others?

The LG 27UK650-W brings together many premium features at a very low price. Perhaps the most important feature of the new LG 27UK650-W is the support for the HDR10 technology. This means that the monitor is able to represent natural and vivid colors that can be seen even with extreme viewing angles. And since the monitor has an IPS panel that ensures perfect colors with viewing angles close to 178-degrees to both sides in the horizontal. This panel also has a refresh time of 5 ms GTG and a static contrast of 1,000: 1.

More technologies that the monitor incorporates is the current anti-flicker of the LEDs, an ergonomic support that allows the adjustment in height, in inclination and even the rotation of 90º to put the monitor in portrait mode. The monitor is also compatible with AMD FreeSync technology, which eliminates the tearing of images caused by the mismatch between the vertical refresh rate of the screen and the image rate of the graphics card.

As for video inputs, the monitor has two HDMI inputs and a DisplayPort. This monitor will go on sale soon at a price of $ 549.99.

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