Samsung came up with a new technology that will enable users to use the S Pen and finger simultaneously. The technology was requested for a patent back on September 25 last year, and now it has been approved. The patent application was caught under the radar of LetsGoDigital, and it was published this week on the website of WIPO.

Generally, patents of the Korean brand have limited texts in English, but this time the contents are available in the language, alongside Korean. The patent is granted worldwide by now and Samsung is likely to input the technology in its upcoming smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

According to the patent, there is a user interface with a quick menu allowing the configuration for the app per component. This means that you can choose to operate with either S Pen, or with a finger, or both. Therefore, erasing content faster using your finger will now be possible.

The patent further states that there are two variants of the S Pen. One was introduced with the Note 8, and another in 2013 that comes with an Eraser. The latter is more like a pencil with the eraser mounted on the back, rather than a pen. As for the Note 8, there is a separate button on the pen to be used as an eraser. Both the variants can be seen in the patent sketches.

Samsung Finger Touch

The Samsung patent does not confirm the type of the touchscreen display but suggests that it can be made of AMOLED, LCD, flexible display, or a transparent flexible display.

In addition, there are different entries for the finger operation: a touch, multi-touch, tap, double tap, long tap, drag, flick, push, pinch-in, pinch-out, and a scroll movement. The typical patterns like round (clockwise and anticlockwise) and Z movements are possible on the screen by the finger.

Last but not the least, you can change settings in terms of thickness, color, and transparency for both the S Pen and your finger. The Samsung device will recognize the form of the touch input (S Pen or finger) that you want to use and will provide you with the associated settings.

The original patent of Samsung for the technology was created in 2013, and a similar patent was filed with USPTO in 2014.

What do you think of this made-easy method brought by Samsung? Tell us in comments below regarding how eager you are feeling to try it out. Stay tuned to us for the next update on Samsung’s devices and technologies.