Yesterday, January 23, Google introduced audiobooks on the Play Store and rolled out across 45 countries in 9 languages. The tech giant aims to ensure that passionate readers make good use of their time being stuck in traffic or waiting in line, which is so cool in terms of encouraging productivity.

The Google audiobooks can be availed affordably over your Android or iOS device, or simply on the web, via Google Play Books. The devices like Google Home that are having Google Assistant can be used as well.

You get to enjoy any available audiobook without subscriptions or other obligations. The preview of your selected audiobook will be for free to let you in on the main context. Speaking of cost-free aspects, you can even share it with others in the Family Library without an additional fee. This applies even if others are using different devices.

Get the most out of the Google Assistant while listening to your favorite audiobook. Did you forget the author of the book amid the listening session? Or you want to set the timer for your sleep, the Assistant is there for you to proceed as per your voice command. Presently, the integration with audiobooks is available “on Android phones and smart speakers globally in English.” Soon, it will be reaching the Android Auto in the U.S.A.

The best part is that even if you are using multiple devices, you won’t have to manually look for where you’ve left off in order to resume listening. Like, maybe you left off last night on page 13 on your iPhone, and you can pick up right from there the next morning on your Chromecast or Google Home. All you need in this regard is the Google Assistant and the Google Play Book app on your devices.

We are keeping a tab to get you updates on further development on Google audiobooks. In the meantime, why don’t you share your listening experiences with us in comments below?