Many new gadgets appear every year due to the fast development of technology. Though, not all of them are really useful and worth buying. Some companies just create innovations, without worrying much about their functionality for the average person. Today we will talk about the Apple watch. This gadget is not new, there are already several iWatch series in the market, but still many people do not know whether Apple Watch is a worthy buying and don’t have any idea about its pros and cons. Thus, let us discuss all the pros and cons before buying your first Apple Watch.


New Apple Watch was first presented on April 24, 2015. This smartwatch was a revolution at that time as it combined the functionality of an ordinary watch, fitness tracker and additional features like weather, music, phone, Siri, etc. It serves as the enhancer of your iPhone. Its developer states that the idea of such a device has appeared due to the constant use of mobile phones by people.

People carry their phones with them everywhere, that is why this device can be easily connected to your cell phone and will be your helper in this case. Apple Watch original has become a bestseller device with more than 4.2 million gadgets sold in the second quarter of 2015. However, Is this device really helpful or it is just an excellent marketing trick? Let us figure this out.


Great Design

As for the pros of Apple watch, it is a great device for those who want to be in trend. The aesthetic aspect of this device is excellent. Its developers have worked hard on its design, thus there are different collections for any taste, starting from Apple Watch sport to luxurious and business one.

Sports functions

This is a good device for those that prefer active life as it has such functions as heart rate monitoring, fitness tracker, etc. Of course, it cannot change your life and make you go in for sport regularly, but it can help you to get better results and track your success.


It is waterproof, thus you can wear them when you are at the pool or while swimming in the sea. By the way, the CEO of Apple Company states that he wears this device to the pool regularly.

Constant updates

Many new programs that are compatible with this device release each day, as well as updating for the already existed ones.

Apple Fitness Watch

That is why you can always find new apps for your device that will customize its look and will give you some additional functions. Some mobile software development companies create custom mobile applications that are available in the App Store and help your business stay connected.


Small capacity of the battery

As for the cons of Apple watch, the worst thing is that this device does not live long due to the small capacity of its battery. Obviously, this was quite predictable because of the compact size of Apple iWatch. Although Apple developers are working hard on bettering their performance in each new model, their attempts are still not successful.


If you wish to buy Apple Watch, you may have already known that this is quite a pricey gadget. Of course, the company tries to lower the price of the old models after the release of the new one, but this is a fact. You can find models from the other producers that have the same functionality but cost less. In fact, you are paying much because it is Apple, a well-known brand that has transformed into the synonym of luxury.


As your Apple watch will send you the messages and notifications from your cell phone, you will feel the vibration, this can really distract many people and even make you angry. You can switch off the phone or leave it away, but what will you do with a smartwatch? Put it off? Then, what you have bought it for?

Small screen

This smartwatch cannot replace the cell phone fully. The main reason why it is because its screen is too small. This hardens much the process of reading an email, surfing the web or watching the video. As it has already been told, this is an enhancer of your phone, but not a compact version of your iPhone.

Smartwatches have got much hype recently due to its wide functionality. However, before buying it, you should understand clearly that it is just a device that facilitates your life somehow. What is more, that is not an option if you are tight on budget. However, today on market offers a wide variety of models produced by other companies, thus if you are willing much to become an owner of such a device, you can do it.