Coolpad pulls Xiaomi and its subsidiaries to court for patent violations

Coolpad Group Sued Xiaomi

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Xiaomi and three of its subsidiaries have been sued by the Yulong Computer Communications Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd that is a subsidiary of Coolpad Group. The defendants on this patent violation case are Xiaomi Technology, Xiaomi Communications Technology, the first branch of Xiaomi Co. Ltd Shenzhen, and Shenzhen Tongtianda Electronics Co. Ltd.

As per the lawsuit, Yulong claimed that Xiaomi produced, promised to sell, and sold products that violated the following three patents:

  • Patent No. ZL200610034034.8
  • Patent No. ZL201210250264.3
  • Patent No ZL201210064396.7

All of these patents are related to system UI, notifications and app icon management. According to Yulong, the infringements caused the company ‘serious losses.’ Its demand to the court is to grant an immediate order that would stop Xiaomi from production, sales promises, and selling of the products in question.


Coolpad’s Yulong further requests that Xiaomi Communications and the first branch of Xiaomi Co. pay compensation for the losses. The said losses include Yulong’s suffer from the infringement, entire legal fees, notarization fees, and other related expenses for stopping the patent violation.

The case is accepted by the Guangdong Province Intermediate People’s Court, although the hearing is yet to begin. No specific timeline is released either.

According to a report a few days ago, Jiang Chao, Coolpad’s CEO said that the company owns more than 10,000 patents, and these have been stolen by multiple companies. He as well said that they are on course to chase it all down, and it seems Xiaomi is the first to have it.

Via: iThome

Coolpad pulls Xiaomi and its subsidiaries to court for patent violations