Nintendo announced that Pokemon Crystal, the “best of the series” is now available on Nintendo 3DS for only $9.99. It as well includes the new Nintendo 2DS XL Pikachu edition with the suggested price tag of $159.99.

The new version of Pokemon Crystal provides the gamers with Link Battles and Link Trades among each other via wireless connectivity. It has the feature called Time Capsule that lets players trade and battle using Pokemon from Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Red, and Pokemon Yellow. The Nintendo eShop consists of these three games along with the Pokemon Silver and Pokemon Gold.

The Pokemon Crystal re-launch further has an exclusive perk, as Nintendo’s announcement says: “In this version of Pokémon Crystal, players also have the chance to encounter the mythical Pokémon Celebi in an event after completing the game. In the original Pokémon Crystal game, Celebi could only be obtained by using a special accessory.”

On the product webpage, more offerings for the players are clarified. Now players can bring Pokemon from Pokemon Crystal to Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Ultra Sun, Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Ultra Moon.

Are you a passionate Pokemon 3DS player? Tell us in comments below about experiences regarding this new verison. Keep following the space for the next update of the game as Nintendo brings.