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It’s been announced by Samsung Electronics that they are going to introduce an 800 GB solid state storage drive. The drive, named as SZ985 Z-SSD™, is expected to revolutionize the work in the field of advanced enterprise applications including supercomputing for AI analysis. It was developed in 2017. With the Z-SSD, Samsung promises the most efficient storage solution for high-speed cache data and log data processing, till date. Its high performance, reliability and ultra-low latency will help many other enterprise storage applications that require rapidly growing demand within the AI, big data, and IoT markets.

Samsung SSD

The Samsung 800 GB Z SSD is a single port, four-lane device. Z-NAND chips, capable of providing 10 times better cell read performance compared to the 3-bit V-NAND chips. The 1.5GB LPDDR4 DRAM coupled with the high-performance controller ensure the best possible performance. The Samsung SSD boasts of 1.7 times faster random read performance at 750K IOPS and is capable of delivering a random write speed of up to170K IOPS. The write latency is reduced to 16 microseconds, which is five times less compared to an NVMe SSD PM963, which uses the 3-bit V-NAND chips.


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The Samsung 800 GB Z SSD has a mean time between failures (MTBF) of two million hours. Its high reliability ensures up to 30 drive writes per day (DWPD) continuously for 5 years, which is a total of 42 petabytes. It’s approximately equivalent to 8.4 million full-HD movies, each one sized at 5GB, during a five-year period.

With our leading-edge 800GB Z-SSD, we expect to contribute significantly to market introductions of next-generation supercomputing systems in the near future, enabling improved IT investment efficiency and exceptional performance. We will continue to develop next-generation Z-SSDs with higher density and greater product competitiveness, in order to lead the industry in accelerating growth of the premium SSD market. – Jinman Han, Senior Vice President, Memory Product Planning & Application Engineering, Samsung Electronics

Samsung will introduce the Z-SSD in two storage variants – 800GB and 240GB. These products are expected to be unveiled at the ISSCC 2018 (International Solid-State Circuits Conference), to be held from February 11 to February 15, in San Francisco.

Source: Samsung

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