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Google is working with Orbitera and MobileIron to help businesses buy and sell apps in the cloud

Jan 30, 2018, 5:00 pm

Google Clouds has announced its collaboration with MobileIron’s security, enterprise mobility management tool and Orbitera to create one place to deploy, secure, manage and analyze business applications. This planned integrated solution is designed for operators and enterprises to make it easier to buy and sell apps in the clouds. The aim of Orbitera commerce platform was to build an ecosystem for easier selling and buying in the cloud and so Google is combining MobileIron with Orbitera.


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For customer and employee engagements businesses are counting on enterprise applications. But these apps may have their own challenges as they are sourced from multiple locations in which all are not trusted. In businesses, apps are downloaded on various devices but with challenges of security on multiple operating system and ownership.
In collaboration with MobileIron, their aim is to help businesses create an integrated marketplace to have access to apps, streamline billing, application entitlement, and authentication, plus the use of Google Cloud Platform only by their authorized customers and partners. This collaboration will help resellers, enterprises, OEMs, and ISVs to get secure management, an integrated platform that secures multiple operating systems and devices through delivery and mobile app procurement.

The list of features include:
• Customized bundles to enable operators to create bundles of services by customer segments.
• Customized branding for both operators and customers of the marketplace.
• One bill for everything across all of a customer’s devices, data, voice, and third-party cloud services on one monthly invoice.
• Ensuring that only trusted users and devices have access to the cloud service.
• Data analysis to let customers see when apps are being used.

Google is in all good hope that this collaboration will simplify streamlines enterprise application management for business and secure additional value for their employees and customers.

Source: Google

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