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Instagram to bring video calling for its iOS and Android app in immediate future

Jan 30, 2018, 7:00 am

Instagram will be coming up with video calling in the coming future for its app on iOS and Android devices. The team is presently working on the new feature, and it will be accessible in any active Instagram Direct chat for when it rolls out.

According to the received report, the navigation bar of the chat will have a new icon like a video camera. Tapping on this icon will lead you to Instagram video calling. Remember that it will be possible to establish the call given that the other person accepts your request for chat.


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So far, there is no further info on other options or facilities that this new Instagram feature will provide. A report says that the photo-sharing social media platform has declined to comment.

Furthermore, Instagram is trying new fonts for the posts. The ‘few lucky’ testers can now enjoy the three fonts that are under testing: Typewriter, Modern and Strong. The typewriter font has a small font size, letting you type more for your stories.

While we have this much for now, we are keeping a tab to know more about specific dates for rolling out the new features, along with other related details. Meanwhile, why don’t you share your views with us in comments below regarding video calling and new-font features of Instagram? Would you like to see some other feature in Instagram?

Via: Firstpost

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