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Xiaomi to launch a new product, probably a portable printer using AR technology

Jan 30, 2018, 6:15 pm

Xiaomi Mi Home is all set to launch its 153rd crowd-funded product this Thursday, 1st February. While the information regarding the product is extremely limited, hints extracted from a teased poster reveal the product as bearing resemblance to a camera.

“Human Eye”, “120 Frames per Second”, “are some of the recurring phrases in posts made regarding the product, including those by Weibo and Shanghai Hantu Technology, a leading company in China’s VR industry.

Xiaomi Teases

The phrase 120 frames per second may hint at the superior quality of images that can be taken by the camera, making them resemble the human vision closely. This may be the reason why the term “AR” has been linked to the product. Its poster being teased by a VR company also makes it plausible for the product to be some sort of a Xiaomi portable printer, which will allow users to embed a video inside a printed photograph by using AR technology.


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A phone pointed at a photograph may play a short video leading up to the moment the photograph has been taken, to enliven the memory. While the assumptions make the product appear magical, bringing the concept of moving photos straight out of the Harry Potter books remains yet to see how closely these assumptions relate to the real product.

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