LG Partners With Honeywell to Dig Out an Automotive Cybersecurity Solution

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To tackle the issues interconnected with vehicle connectivity technology, LG Electronics and Honeywell decided to go on working together in partnership. LG partners with Honeywell with the objective to evolve and amplify a unique automotive software technology that can deal with the aforesaid matter.

The duo first illustrated their concept of a cybersecurity solution at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018, held in Las Vegas earlier this month, followed by Detroit’s North American International Auto Show 2018. From their demonstration, we conclude that the primitive concern is to deliver a next-generation cybersecurity solution for systems communication within the bounds of the vehicle and cellular/satellite-driven external communications.

In order to accomplish this mission, efforts need to be put from the core fragments of the cybersecurity chain, like individual gateway protection through threat monitoring of fleets. To make the vehicle-hardware secure, LG’s IPS technology, which is software capable of intrusion, detection, and protection, will take the responsibility, whereas Honeywell’s IDPS solutions will work for securing the control systems and internal vehicle communications.

The duo, LG, and Honeywell believe that by going through and validating the software commands, data generated by more than 100 million lines of code they will accomplish their target. To detect machine failure or an intentional hack, LG has appointed their electrical gateways, security modules, Telematics Control Unit(TCU) and Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

LG Electronics has recognized the importance of automotive cybersecurity as cars are increasingly connected to external networks to provide rich services to end users. In order to provide secure products to our OEM customers, we have been heavily investing on cybersecurity of both software and hardware and offering highly secure products to our OEMs. We have experience in providing various automotive security solutions for ECU/TCU and external network protection. By integrating Honeywell’s security software with LGE’s security solutions, we expect to provide next generation cybersecurity solution that protects entire vehicle from external and internal networks as well as the ECU/TCU system and application layers. – Lee Woo-jong, President, Vehicle Components Company, LG Electronics

Being a Tier 1 automotive supplier for more than 60 years and having efficient software experts, Honeywell is well ahead in this game of critical industrial safety applications. The automotive software processed by Honeywell has this unique functionality of visualizing real-time vehicle performance diagnostics, which can broaden the vehicle’s reliability, thus reducing the warranty cost up to 5 percent.

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