Launched in 2013 by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov, Telegram Messenger has earned its rightful place as an incredibly useful messaging app. It combines the functions of a number of social media apps in one, allowing people to post both private and public texts. In the latest move, the app has tested a beta version of the app for a few hours that allowed its users to declutter their chat rooms by separating channels from private chats.

Telegram App

To post a public message on Telegram Messenger and broadcast to a large audience, a Telegram user can create a channel, to which other members may subscribe. These channels can be both private and public, with the private channels allowing access to a selected channel while the public channels are open to all. The problem that has tailed this feature for a while now, however, is one of overcrowding. Telegram app offers a single chat room to its users, wherein to save their private chats as well as the channels they have to subscribe.


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In the beta version of the app, constructed for macOS, the app’s developers tried to do away with the problem by allowing users to ‘tape’ similar channels under one heading. This not only declutters the chat room by categorizing channels into folders but also makes them easily available. While this function is still being tested, on being made available, it is expected to allow the users to choose whether to categorize channels into separate folders or leave them in the chat room itself.

Another feature that has formed a part of this new version is the ability to format selected portions of a text. These portions can be edited to form hyperlinks, be emphasized, or appear in bold fonts.

Via: AKKet