Google always comes up with the best innovative ideas and tech gadgets. One more surprise from Google is ready to hit the market. This is a Google Home Max, which is Google Assistant that can help you to do things like calling, turn on compatible living room lights, plan your day, show you photos from your favorite folder and set an alarm with your favorite songs.

Every morning we face the hassle to wake up with those loud alarm tunes. So, if you want to get up, and begin your day with your favorite song, you just need to say the Assistant on Google Home “Hey Google, set an alarm for 5 AM that plays [insert favorite musician]”. This will set an alarm and wake you up playing your favorite song, playlist or radio station.

One more exclusive feature of this Assistant is that it can even play a TV show, and now it can help you keep up with the TV shows you’re into right now. It is as simple as you say “Hey Google, what channel airs The Flash” or “Hey Google when does The Flash air next.” Even if you wish not to miss your favorite TV show you can set a reminder accordingly.

Netflix is one more add-on feature, which lets you choose your Netflix profile and get right to the things you want to watch. You just have to first link your Netflix account in the Google Home app or via the Google Assistant on your phone. Then just say, “Hey Google, play Stranger Things on Netflix” and it will pick up right where you left off.

A Google Play Music user can now enjoy all the music that he had purchased or uploaded to his music library by simply asking for favorite artist, song or album and singing along to the beat. Google Home Max has it all, you just need to own one.